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Paying your premiums

Why You Can’t Afford to Put Off Paying Your Premium

When you take out an insurance plan of any kind, it is a legally binding contract between you and the insurance service provider.

Most contracts between insurers and their clients state that if a premium is not paid, the services promised by the insurer will cease.

This can be extremely problematic, especially if you find yourself in need of insurance cover, in the period after the premium payment is late.

What happens when you don’t pay?

When you don’t pay your premium, you are no longer eligible for the insurance plan’s benefits, until the premium is paid. In some cases, the premium for the current month, as well as all arrears will have to be paid in full before the services are reinstated.

For example, if you have not paid your premium and you find yourself in need of hospitalisation or medical assistance, you will have to pay for it out of your own pocket, or you will need to visit a government facility for your medical care.

It is irrelevant for how many years you have had your insurance plan, a late payment will stop your service.

Most service providers will allow a waiting period of 90 days, with the option of reinstatement once the arrears have been paid. However, after 90 days, there is a chance that the policy/cover will not be reinstated and the account will be handed over to the legal department to be settled regardless.

How should I pay the arrears?

According to Money Shop, most medical aid and insurance providers have a protocol in place when it comes to collecting reprieved payments. Some will wait until 15 days after the first debit order bounced to attempt another debit order, while others will add the missed payment to the next payment (resulting in double debiting your monthly premium the following month).

Either way, it’s best that the service provider should get the outstanding money as soon as possible, particularly when considering that, much like car and home insurance, medical aid payments are made in advance.

At Affinity Health, we understand the importance of having medical insurance that meets your needs, your budget and your lifestyle.

Contact the call centre today to find a plan and premium that suits you.

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