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Daily habits that can affect your overall health

Some of the things you do daily may seem harmless, but can have a damaging effect on your future well-being. From spending too much time on your phone to getting affectionate kisses from your pet, we outline the hidden hazards lurking in your everyday lives.

Affectionate Animal Kisses

Sloppy dog kisses are welcomed by many animal lovers after a long day, but unfortunately this can have unforeseen consequences. In the case of a 70 year old woman, the smooches from her pooch caused her to develop a severe bacterial infection that saw her being rushed to the hospital after collapsing. Blood tests later revealed that she was infected with Capnocytophaga Canimorsus, a bacteria found in the mouth of dogs and cats.

Cell phones taking over your sleep

You may also think that scrolling through your phone until you fall asleep is a good idea, but it’s not. Adults who spend more time on their phones before bedtime take longer to fall asleep and don’t sleep as well as those who use their phones less. Research has found that exposure to the screen’s blue light may supress the brain’s production of the hormone melatonin, making it harder to doze off.

Cleanliness tied to Cancer

Your home is a ‘safe haven’, a place where you relax surrounded by people who bring you comfort and joy. What you may not have known is that some of the things that you do in your home can also pose risks to your health. One of the least expected health hazards is antibacterial soap, which is found in many households and is often advertised as the best remedy against dirt and unwanted bacteria. A study found that an antimicrobial substance found in soaps and shampoos was tied with cancer and liver disease.

Television taking over your life

You may just think you are passing time, but did you know that watching too much television is bad for your health? The more TV you watch, the less physical activity you do. It replaces the time that you’d spend on hobbies, visiting friends and exercising your mind. This increases your odds of becoming overweight as well as developing type 2 diabetes. A study of over 9 000 people found that those who watched more than two hours of TV per day ate more, while also consuming more sugary soft drinks and high-fat, high-calorie processed foods.

Breakfast – the import meal of the day

It’s easy to get distracted in the morning as you rush to get yourself and the kids ready that you forget about the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Skipping your first meal can have serious consequences on your weight, energy levels and blood sugar. Think of breakfast as fuel that signals your metabolism that it’s time to get going. If you don’t recharge, you keep your metabolism running on low and you’ll be feeling sluggish the entire day.

So, as you navigate through life keep in mind that some of your daily habits could be doing more harm than good.



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