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morning Health Blog Banner - 20 April

Healthy morning routines

A new and healthier approach to your morning may combat stressful days. It is essential to set a positive tone for your day, starting with what you eat, how you think and physical movement. 

According to Everyday Health, taking a walk, joining or going to the gym and participating in stimulating exercises such as tai chi or yoga can activate a productive day. You can feel focused and ready for challenges, especially if you add a healthy breakfast to your routine. 

Healthy morning routines decrease stress, boost your happiness and more. Many people have the responsibility of children or pets to tend to their own needs. You won’t need to shrink these priorities, but prepare better to handle the morning load and include a healthy self-care routine.

Sometimes the best preparation for a busy day ahead is done the night before. Little things like choosing tomorrow’s outfit, packing your supplies and making a nutritious lunch – in advance – puts you on track for a calmer morning.

Make your bed

As chore-like as making your bed sounds, it is a simple method to make you feel good about yourself. Making your bed leaves your mind less cluttered and encourages good sleep hygiene.

A retired Navy Admiral McRaven famously says then you make your bed every morning. It is your first accomplished task for the day. This may encourage you to complete many other tasks throughout your day. 

Write a to-do-list

A to-do list acts as many reminders for your day ahead. It is helpful if you are forgetful in the morning. An option to restore your memory is to write morning tasks down the night before. You can write it in a book, on a dry erase board or on sticky paper placed in your direct view. 

Writing encouraging quotes or mantras can help to motivate you and start your day off on a positive note.

Good music leads to a good day.

Music adds an invigorating dimension to your morning routine because the sounds affect your mood and body. A beautiful song or sounds of nature are mood boosters made from chemicals produced in your body. 

If you wake up feeling stressed out, try listening to soothing music. An energy booster type of music is rock ‘n roll. Make a music choice that is best for you at that moment. It can turn your day into the best day you never thought you’d have.

Drink water before coffee

Research shows that drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up can boost your metabolism by 30% – not coffee. While you sleep, you lose water by breathing and sweating, resulting in feeling thirsty when you wake up. The adult human body consists of 60% water, making hydration essential. 

Hydration is meant to happen throughout your day. Your first glass gets the process going and helps you physiologically and mentally. Make it a habit to keep a glass of water next to your bed, possibly the night before. If you forget, put a fresh jug of water in your fridge at night, and in the morning, you can break your fast with a delicious, cold glass of water.

Be present when brushing your teeth.

Your past and future are a constant fret. Sometimes, you need to set your worries aside and focus on what you are doing in the present moment. After breakfast, brushing your teeth allows you to create this morning ritual day after day. 

Pay close attention to each step you take when brushing your teeth – from squeezing the toothpaste onto your toothbrush to a mouth rinse and even flossing. It can be a relaxing moment for you.


Even if for a few minutes, Meditation may minimise your stress levels. There are different mediation methods. Some of the methods can be found in an app. 

Create a comfortable space for yourself to sit and focus on your breathing entering and exiting your nose and abdomen. It is normal for your mind to wander the first couple of times, but you can also return to the breathing exercises.

Add a creative or fun activity to your day.

Having a morning routine is a great way to start, especially when you add in a creative or fun activity. Some people play video games before starting the day. 

You may not be a video game fanatic. Still, there are other activities to consider, such as watching an episode of a series you started, throwing a small dance party, playing with your pets, reading or trying a new breakfast recipe. 

Usually, creative and fun activities are reserved for when your day is done, but adding them into your morning routine can be healthy too.

Say thank you

Stress is always going to be a part of your life, but it is the simple things that make every day look more positive. Maybe you can think of someone you are grateful to have in your life and let them know by saying thank you via a text or phone call. This action can do wonders for your day – and the other person too!

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