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How to Prepare Your Child for Hospital

Affinity Health, SA’s leading medical insurance provider, gives parents a comprehensive guide on how to prepare children for going into hospital.


What You Can Do to Get Your Child Ready for Hospital

Hospitals can be confusing and scary places for children – no matter their age. Preparing your children ahead of time is key to settling jittery nerves.


“Our members often ask us for advice on how to adequately prepare a child for hospital admission without frightening them. There are a few key points to remember about preparing your child for hospital. These will go a long way to helping your child cope with their hospital experience,”  says Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Health.


Hewlett says the first important step is giving children the correct information – delivered truthfully and straightforwardly, and in words they understand. Please encourage your child to discuss their feelings and ask questions about the upcoming experience.


“Children feel more at ease if they know what to expect ahead of time. Tell your child that they will be going to the hospital and what they may expect to happen there. Always reassure your child that you will be there for them and that they will not be alone,” says Hewlett.


Before admitting your child, find out as much as possible about what will happen during their stay.


Ask your Healthcare Provider the following:

  • How long will your child likely need to stay in the hospital?
  • Will you be able to stay with your child?
  • Can you be there if your child needs an anaesthetic or if you can be with them in the recovery room afterward?
  • Whether family and friends will be able to visit, and what the visit hours are?


“It is important to be with your child in hospital as much as you can so that they continue to feel loved and safe. Children will cope better with the hospital experience if a parent, or other trusted person, stays with them. If you have to leave, always tell your child and don’t just sneak out of the room,” adds Hewlett.


Accept the fact that giving your child a little extra love and attention will make your child’s hospital stay less stressful. Every child copes with hospital admission differently. Some will enter the experience positively, others will have a more challenging time being away from home.


It may help to involve your child in packing their own hospital bag. Be sure to include something familiar and comforting, such as a teddy, a favourite blanket, or their best toy.


Lastly, if you have any concerns, don’t be afraid to speak to your child’s doctor, surgeon, anaesthesiologist, or other health care provider. You are entitled to ask questions about your child’s condition, treatment, and prognosis.

Which Hospitals Can Affinity Health Members go to?

As an Affinity Health member, you can access to a preselected list of private hospitals in your area.


The great thing about an Affinity Health Hospital Plan is that you get a much wider choice of hospitals. With an extensive list of the best hospitals in the country, you can make an informed decision about which facility will be responsible for your child’s care.


It may seem like a difficult task to find an Affinity-approved hospital near you, but it doesn’t have to be! Affinity had made finding a hospital in your area simple and fast.

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