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Small changes that lead to weight loss

Small Changes That Lead To Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a daunting experience, but there are small changes that lead to weight loss. At the start of the weight loss journey, you automatically think of long workouts and cutting out food that you love.

Exercise and diet will play a significant role, but the tiny steps get you lasting results. 

Certain diets work for certain people, but that doesn’t meant that the diet that your friend succeeds in will necessary work for you. According to Prevention, research shows that if you adopt more minor, positive changes to your lifestyle, it can help you lose weight and keep it off. The changes include drinking more water, walking for five minutes a day and more.


An Egg A Day Keeps The Weight Away

A study from 2008 suggests you ditch the bread and eat eggs instead as there’s a 65% possibility you can lose weight. Researchers believe that the high protein content in eggs keeps you fuller for longer, and you may eat less during the day.


Write A Food Journal

Write down the meals and snacks you eat to practice better portion control. Think of journaling as a reality check – something that can show your eating habits. 

By writing a journal, you can see if you skip meals, eat the same on a weekday compared to the weekend, or binge eat when you stress out. If you can monitor your routine, it makes it easier to figure out what changes work for you.


Buy A Water Bottle

If you slack on drinking enough water on a daily basis, you may confuse hunger with thirst. A health expert says upping your water intake can impact the amount you eat every day.

Some people have trouble drinking enough water throughout the day. If you ‘suffer’ from this, you can physically remind yourself to drink water by purchasing a water bottle. 

Once you buy the water bottle, set water intake goals for each day. Experts suggest starting your day with at least two glasses of water before a meal or snack. It is a way to curb your appetite before you eat and acts as a good reminder, especially if you don’t want to eat a lot. 


Portion Control

The only way to be aware of your recommended portion size is to scan the nutrition labels on your food. However, that may be too much of a schlep.

The portion you eat is essential to your weight loss goal. It may be challenging when you eat out, but it is not impossible. A nutrition expert says society lives in a world of supersizing because it can be hard to conceptualise the servings you eat if you haven’t done the number count beforehand. 

The trick is to know that you don’t have to finish everything on your plate. You can ask for half your meal to eat at the restaurant, and the other half can is placed in a to-go container before being served. Leftovers are always delicious the next day!


Don’t Eat In Front Of The Television

Eating in front of your television or laptop is a reflex action many people have. You don’t know that you are affecting your waistline by doing this because studies reveal that you eat 40% more when you watch TV – and it’s usually junk food. 

Your weight loss journey can begin by staying clear of all your devices during meals and paying attention to what you are eating.


Move More

This doesn’t necessarily mean going for a walk when you have the time, but you can also move more when you watch your favourite TV shows. You can do jumping jacks, run on the spot, climb up and down the stairs, as well as dance. Do whatever you can to get your heart rate and make you slightly breathless.

A nice challenge is moving around during every commercial break, and when your favourite comes back on, you take a breather.


Avoid Certain Food Textures

It is easy to find yourself at the end of a pint of ice cream without noticing. It’s because the texture of ice cream is soft and one of the most accessible foods to overeat. The same applies to mashed potatoes. The texture is also smooth and easy to eat with endless spoonfuls. 

The texture of raw vegetables makes you feel the opposite of soft-textured foods because you chew for longer. It doesn’t mean you have to stop eating the soft foods you enjoy, but instead, be mindful of the portions you eat. Try to measure out your portions before you find yourself overeating. 


Small Changes That Lead To Weight Loss: Weight Loss At The End Of The Rainbow

The colours of the food you eat dictate its nutrients, which is why a variety of colours is essential – a rainbow meal, some may say.

Try to use every meal you eat as an opportunity to have at least three different colours on your plate. The colours help you focus on the balance of your meals, and it’s a sight for sore eyes.

It really is the little things that make the most significant difference. 


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