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suppressing emotions

When suppressing your emotions becomes bad for your health

For the last few years, health professionals have put emphasis on the importance of people taking care of their emotional well-being, which is just as important as staying physically healthy. As it turns out, the two may work hand in hand. If you don’t allow your emotions to be released when you feel them, suppressing them might in fact cause you to be physically sick.

It is believed that emotional distress can manifest as several physical ailments; and it isn’t that far-fetched.

When you’re nervous, for example, you are most likely to experience a bit of a tummy ache. Sadness and heartache can be felt as a chest pain. There is even a heart condition known as “Broken Heart Syndrome” that can lead to death. It is literally when intense sadness causes your heart muscles to weaken.

Emotional stress, like that caused by blocked emotions, has been linked to mental ills, intestinal problems, headaches, insomnia and autoimmune disorders.

According to Time.com, emotions have energy that pushes up for expression and to suppress them, our minds and bodies use creative tactics — including muscular constriction and holding our breath. Symptoms like anxiety and depression, which are on the rise in the US, can stem from the way we deal with these underlying, automatic, hard-wired survival emotions, which are biological forces that should not be ignored. When the mind thwarts the flow of emotions because they are too overwhelming or too conflicting, it puts stress on the mind and the body, creating psychological distress and symptoms.

A more commonly understood manifestation of emotion into physical ailments is stress. People have been aware for decades that stress can kill. It can cause a person to break out in hives, swell up or even have a stroke or heart attack. So, it is only logical to assume that other emotions can affect you just as intensely.

The chronic stress that comes from unresolved emotions can trigger your sympathetic nervous system’s fight or flight response, according to research from Harvard Medical School. This slows digestion, resulting in gas, bloating, constipation, vomiting and, occasionally, ulcers, Fatherly explains.

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