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What are the Signs of Depression in Men?

Affinity Health is a leading provider of high-quality healthcare cover. Here are their views on male depression and substance misuse.


Many men may suffer undiagnosed depression due to the varied symptoms. Men are often less willing to seek treatment for depression than women. Understanding how male and female depression symptoms may differ is crucial. It can assist raise awareness of depression among individuals and their loved ones. Recognising depression is the initial step in the healing process.

COVID-19 and Depression

Depression is an often-undetected mental condition that is prevalent among men. COVID-19 and the effects of lockdown may have worsened rates of male depression. Financial losses have added to the problem. Statisticians are still assessing the effects on the job market. Some estimates say it could be as high as 1.5 million jobs lost.


Men with depression may exhibit the following alterations in behaviour:

  • Drinking more or taking drugs
  • Avoiding family or social encounters
  • Working beyond normal hours
  • Struggling to balance work and family duties
  • Partnerships becoming more domineering or abusive
  • Engaging in risky conduct, such as gambling or dangerous sexual conduct
  • Attempting suicide
  • A loss of interest in hobbies and passions
  • A loss in libido (men with depression may have a diminished desire for sexual activity)
  • Low mood
  • Frustration, anger, aggression, or irritability

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Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says women are likelier to suffer depression. Even so, more men than women avoid reporting depression. So, the numbers for men may be more significant. According to some estimates, two-thirds of depressed individuals still need a diagnosis.


A doctor may also misdiagnose depression in men. Men may be more prone to report physical problems. Men might experience sleeping difficulties than emotional alterations. As a result, the physician may provide an incorrect diagnosis.


Furthermore, male emotional and behavioural indicators of depression may be elusive. They may view rage as a trait of personality rather than a symptom of sadness. They may also misunderstand a man’s increasing risk-taking or substance abuse.


Anyone with the behavioural or physical symptoms in this article may have depression. If this is the case, you must consult a doctor immediately.


The physician may help identify symptoms of depression. They may also prescribe the appropriate treatment to help them cope. Untreated depression can be detrimental. Depression is also a suicide risk factor.


There are many treatment options for depression. A physician can tell patients what best suits their needs.


Options for treatment may include the following:


Lifestyle modifications and coping skills can aid in managing depression.


You might see the symptoms of depression in a close male friend, partner, or family member. It is imperative to bring this up with them. Asking a depressed individual how they are feeling is a significant first step.


Next, urge them to schedule an appointment with their physician. They might be hesitant to address their emotional state. Tell them that they can begin by describing their physical symptoms. Often, this leads to a discussion exploring more problems.


When assisting someone with depression, it is crucial to be patient. The behavioural symptoms of depression in men might cause relationship issues. Try addressing ideas without passing judgment. A relationship counsellor can aid individuals in enhancing their communication skills.


The following mental conditions co-relate with depression:


“All these conditions affect millions of South Africans,” says Murray Hewlett, Affinity Health CEO.


“They are controllable mental health disorders. With effectively managed care and the correct health treatment, depression can end completely,” Hewlett concludes.


Affinity Health is the leading provider of affordable medical insurance in South Africa. Members enjoy access to a network of healthcare providers. We have designed healthcare products to protect you and your family when it matters the most. We strive to give our clients peace of mind and the highest standard of service. For more information, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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