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what fruit and veg is in season?

What Fruit and Veg Is In Season?

Autumn is a beautiful season that brings a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables. Eating seasonal produce not only provides you with the freshest ingredients, but it also helps support local farmers and reduces your carbon footprint by minimising the transportation of food.


Apples are popular fruits in Autumn with varieties available during this season. Apples are a healthy and delicious snack that’s also high in fibre and antioxidants.

Moreover, they contain various vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin K to provide nutrients and help protect your immune system.

Some popular varieties of apples in South Africa include the following.

  • Honeycrisp: Honeycrisp apples are sweet and juicy with a crisp texture. They are a great option for snackingand they work well with salads and baked goods.
  • Granny Smith: Granny Smith apples are tangy and firm.
  • Gala: Gala apples are sweet and have a softer texture than some other varieties. They are ideal for snacking.
  • Fuji: Fuji apples are sweet and crunchy with a slightly floral flavour. 


Pears are a delicious and nutritious fruit. They offer a range of health benefits. They are a good source of dietary fibre, with one medium-sized pear containing around 6 grams of fibre. 

This fibre content helps promote digestive health and prevents constipation. Pears are also a good source of vitamins C and K, essential for maintaining good health. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps boost the immune system and protects againsts some diseases, while vitamin K is vital for bone health and blood clotting. 

Pears are also low in calories and high in water content, making them a good choice for those trying to manage their weight or stay hydrated. Adding pears to your diet can help you maintain good health and prevent chronic diseases.


Grapes are sweet and juicy fruit that is in season during Autumn. There are many types of grapes, including red, green, and purple. Grapes are high in antioxidants and can help improve heart health.

Grapes are a delicious and nutritious fruit that offers a range of health benefits. They are a good source of vitamins C and K and antioxidants that protect your cells against harmful radicals.

Grapes are also a good source of dietary fibre, vital for digestive health and may help lower cholesterol levels. 

Some studies have also suggested that grapes may have anti-inflammatory properties and may help improve brain function.

Vegetables in Season in Autumn

Here are the vegetables you can expect to eat in autumn in South Africa:


Pumpkins are a classic food type that symbolises the beginning of Autumn. They are a delicious and nutritious ingredient for cooking. Pumpkins are high in fibre, vitamin A, and potassium.


Many types of squash are in season during Autumn, including acorn squash, butternut squash, and spaghetti squash. Squash is a good source of vitamin C, fibre, and potassium.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a delicious root vegetable that is in season during Autumn. They are high in fibre, vitamin A, and potassium. Sweet potatoes can be roasted, mashed, or baked and are a great addition to any meal.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are the family of cruciferous vegetables in season during Autumn. They are a good source of fibre, vitamin C, and vitamin K. Brussels sprouts can be roasted, sautéed, or grilled for a delicious and healthy side dish.

Why Are Fruits and Vegetables Different in Autumn?

The availability of fruits and vegetables varies depending on the season due to several factors, including climate, soil conditions, and daylight hours.

In Autumn, the days become shorter, and the weather cools down. These changes affect the growth and ripening of fruits and vegetables, leading to a shift in the types of produce available during this season.

For example, fruits like apples and pears require cooler temperatures to ripen properly, making them ideal for autumn harvest. Similarly, many vegetables like pumpkins and squashes require a longer growing season, so they are typically harvested in autumn when they are fully matured.

In addition, the cooler weather and shorter days can impact the flavours and textures of fruits and vegetables, making them more suitable for autumn recipes and dishes. The changing season and weather conditions determine which fruits and vegetables are available during autumn.

Healthy Living

Eating fruits and vegetables is crucial for maintaining good health. They are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, fibre, and other nutrients our bodies need to function correctly.

Fruits and vegetables are important for several reasons. First, they provide us with essential vitamins and minerals for good health. For example, vitamin C in citrus fruits helps boost our immune system and promotes wound healing, while the potassium in bananas and sweet potatoes helps regulate blood pressure.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables are rich in fibre, which is important for maintaining healthy digestion and preventing constipation. They are also low in calories and high in water content, which can help with weight management and promote hydration.

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