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The Official National Department of Health COVID-19 Support Service: 060 012 3456 (WhatsApp)

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As an Affinity client, which hospitals can I go to?

As an Affinity Health Medical Insurance client, or on the Hospital Plan, you will have access to a preselected list of private hospitals in your area.

The great thing about an Affinity Health Hospital Plan is that you get a much wider choice of hospitals and doctors than if you were a public patient.

With an extensive list of the best hospitals in the country, you can make an informed decision about which facility will be responsible for your care, while being fully covered financially in any event.

It may seem like a difficult task to find an Affinity-approved hospital near you, but it doesn’t have to be!

Affinity had made finding a hospital in your area simple and fast.

All you need to do is to find a preferred hospital closest to you, please contact our Customer Care line on 0861 11 00 33 and select option 4. We are continually adding new hospitals to our preferred list.


Is it worthwhile to have a hospital plan?

A hospital plan gives you basic financial cover for certain in-hospital procedures. It isn’t as comprehensive as medical insurance, but is offered by a not-for profit medical scheme and will cover your ‘in hospital’ expenses.

Hospital plan quotes differ from provider to provider, who all set their own limits and exemptions when negotiating cover. Whether or not you will have to pay any additional fees for procedures, will depend on the plan you have chosen.

The best hospital plan in South Africa will ensure that when you are admitted to hospital, whether it be for a procedure, an accident or illness, your bills will be paid in full. Make sure that you are familiar with the procedures that are covered before you sign with a particular hospital plan provider. Be prepared and check beforehand if you are required to make a co-payment for certain procedures.

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