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Healthcare options when you're pregnant

What are your Health Care options now that you’re Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a beautiful time. The excitement that comes with knowing you are on your way to having a baby is second to none, but the financial burden it carries could put a strain on the ‘mother to be’.

Medical aid and medical insurance all have maternity benefits that vary with each plan, to assist the expectant mother with costs, both in hospital and specialist check-ups.

But what if I am not covered yet, but I am already pregnant?

No matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, unfortunately it counts as a pre-existing condition if you are not yet covered by a medical insurance. The medical insurer is not obligated to cover anything related to your pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial to still acquire the cover, even if you are already expecting.

The scheme may not cover the pregnancy or birth, but your baby will be covered upon birth, as well as non-pregnancy related conditions you may suffer from, like if you catch the flu, or anything non-pregnancy related during gestation.

If you experience any complications during childbirth such as preterm birth, your premature baby will need to stay in neonatal ICU. This type of care can tend to be very expensive.

New-borns are also very prone to many health problems and will be covered immediately by the medical insurance when they are born, making taking out the insurance well worth it.

Pregnancy and Medical Aid blog explains; there is no other financial product that will cover the cost of a pre-existing pregnancy. The only option is to pay for your current pregnancy and childbirth costs in cash, or opt for a government clinic/hospital.

Does Affinity cover pregnancy, if not pre-existing?

If you are on either the Affinity health Hospital plan or the Affinity Health Combined plan and you fall pregnant while already covered for three months, you are eligible for maternity benefits.

Affinity covers natural birth for up to R25000 and birth by C-section for up to R35000.

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