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How to Prepare Your Body For Festive Indulgences

As you gear up for another holiday season, it’s necessary to prepare your body and mind to stay rejuvenated throughout. There’s a lot of enthusiasm to satisfy your enjoyment of tasty treats and unhealthy foods. It can lead to backtracking on your health goals and overeating in the worst-case scenario.


You should prepare way ahead of this inevitable time. As much as it’s possible to stick to a healthy diet, there are days when you want to participate in the delicious meals shared with family and friends. Read on to find out how you can prepare your body for festive indulgences these holidays.

Plan in Moderation

Firstly, you should decide how you want to structure your eating habits. Eating in moderation is your first step to ensure you don’t miss the beat when maintaining your health goals. A balanced diet is essential.

You should consider eating fruits and vegetables even when your sweet tooth has the better of you. Whole grains are also vital to avoid bloating and digestive problems. Fruits like apples and pineapples can help detox your body after a heavy night of feasting.

Keep an Eye on Your Food Portions

It’s easy to forget how much you are eating when your friends and family are gathered for enjoyable moments during the holidays. The most ideal way to track your food consumption is to monitor your intake. For example, instead of sticking your hands in the snack cupboard every time you feel like a snack, have set times for treats, and use a side plate to see the amount you’re having.

More significant food portions mean more calories that can quickly become extra weight. Being comfortable at home with your loved ones can make you forget your journey towards better health overall. These are simple ways to help you keep an eye on your food portions:

  • Use smaller plates instead of larger ones.
  • Ask for less food when dishing up.
  • Have a glass of water before your meals.
  • Eat slowly to be aware of getting full.
  • Keep track of what you’re eating to ensure you maintain a balanced and nutritious diet.

Continue to Workout

Life during the holidays gets so busy that you need more time to prioritise your physical health. Yet, it would help if you made time for moderate exercise. Most importantly, it’s a great way to help regulate your metabolism.

Exercising can also reduce your risks of digestion-related health issues like constipation, diarrhoea or heartburn. Boosting your metabolism is crucial for burning your food to avoid feeling slow and tired after a meal. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, consider taking walks or running before you start your busy day.

Get Enough Sleep

A healthy and well-regulated body requires sleep to maintain its natural functions. Most people need to pay more attention to the significance of quality sleep. A good night’s sleep can help your body flush out toxins that make it challenging to have a productive day.


Most people skip sleep during the holidays because of the many things they do with family and friends. However, sleeping can benefit your metabolic health and improve the rate of losing calories picked up during the holidays. Additionally, when you sleep early, you can avoid late-night snacking and prevent increasing your calorie intake.

Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

If you can’t help but have a drink here and there during Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations, you should choose alcoholic drinks that won’t affect your weight. Most alcoholic beverages are high in calories and can turn into fat if your body doesn’t burn it off. It’s best to limit your intake or avoid it if possible.


Research suggests that drinking alcohol can also increase food cravings while slowing down your metabolism. As a result, your energy levels may decrease. This can impact your sleep quality and mental state in the long run.


In summary, your health matters the most during this busy period. We want to help you prepare for an enjoyable time with our guide to being mindful of your body as you indulge and spend time with loved ones. If you experience any dietary issues, you should use your Affinity Health plan to access Telehealth consultations with a Nurse or Doctor wherever you are.

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