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how to strengthen your immune system

How To Strengthen Your Immune System

It’s important to know how to strengthen your immune system. Boosting your immune system is a common phrase we hear, especially since COVID19. The immune system is how your body fights against seasonal illnesses to keep you healthy. 

There are natural ways to boost the immune system, as well as medicinal methods – usually approved by your health practitioner. Learning to boost your immune system naturally is important as it can save costs on possibly high-end immune booster medication – and will ensure you stay healthy and strong. 

Many dietary and lifestyle adjustments can strengthen your body’s natural defences and battle damaging pathogens or disease-making organisms. 

Your immune system is able to fight alone again disease-causing microorganisms, but there is the possibility it fails. It takes a germ to bypass your immune system to make you sick.


What exactly is an immune system?

Your immune system is not a single organ positioned in a certain part of your body. According to Clicks, it is a complex network of specialised cells, tissues and membranes that join together and protect your body from infections. 

The network differentiates between healthy cells that belong in your body and viruses, bacteria and parasites from outside of the body. A unique protein, called an antigen, is attached to different germs. Once a germ is recognised, antibodies – known as specific proteins – join forces with the antigen. The immune system’s strength fights the germs and hopefully wins the battle to prevent you from getting sick.


Different ways to boost your immune system

A lively, healthy and abundant life is attained if you focus on avoiding diseases before it reaches the core of your body. Your immune system is boosted in many ways – naturally and differently.  


How To Strengthen Your Immune System With Water

Water is more than an element or compound in the world. It makes up a large percentage of your body, which is why it is a priority to drink every day to increase disease prevention strategies.

Together, your brain and heart compose 73% of water. Water composes portions of some of your other body too – including your lungs, kidneys, skin, bones and more. 

Your body soaks up water easily, which is good to note if you looking to detox and cleanse from impurities. Drinking is one of the better ways to boost your immune system.


Eat Clean And Wholesome Food

Wholesome and clean food is vital on a daily basis, especially if you want to prevent yourself from falling ill. There are people who enjoy 100% organic goods. It basically means that your food is free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), natural and contains no processed food, bleached flour, sugar or preservatives. 

Cruciferous vegetables – otherwise recognised as Brassica vegetables – have immune-boosting ‘power’. Brassica vegetables form part of the cabbage family. When you go grocery shopping, Brassica identifies as arugula, bok choy, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale and more.


Stick To Moderate Exercises

Prolonged and intense workouts can stifle your immune system, whereas moderate exercises boost it. Various studies show that one session of moderate exercise can enhance vaccine effects if you gave a compromised immune system. 

Regular and moderate exercise – for at least 150 minutes per week – includes brisk walking, steady bicycling, jogging, swimming and light hiking. These types of exercise may reduce inflammation and regenerate your immune cells frequently. 


How To Strengthen Your Immune System With Supplements

A 100% perfectly balanced food diet has not been discovered yet. To fill the gaps, some people use supplements. 

A pharmacist at Clicks says we know the body needs particular vitamins and minerals for leukocytes – cells that reduce the effect of infecting organisms – but supplementing can ensure your body has enough required elements to function the immune system. Food is not the be-end and end-all of immune-boosting.  

The following vitamins and minerals can act as a multivitamin or unconnected supplement to build your immunity – Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, copper, folic acid, iron and selenium. 

It is best to discuss your choice with a health practitioner first, especially if it is your first time using immunity-boosting supplements


Adapt To Your Surroundings

It is unlikely that you remember to carry hand sanitiser every time you leave your home. Unfortunately, the world you live in is sick and toxic with deadly pathogens ready to pounce at a slight lapse of immunity at any time. 

The healthiest people in the world can still fall sick. However, you have been given an immune system for a reason, so why not give it the right nutrients and fuel that it needs?


How To Strengthen Your Immune System By Keeping Your Stress Levels Low

A healthy and progressive immune system relies on relieving stress and anxiety. Long-term stress creates a combination of inflammation and imbalanced immune cell functions. A good example is seeing how lengthy psychological stress can curb the immune stress in your children. 

Stress management activities may include meditation, journaling, yoga and other forms of mindfulness techniques. Seeing a licensed therapist can benefit high-stress levels too and is possible virtually or face-to-face.  

Stress is a given as part of life – from work, kids or whatever situation, but 

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