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Is Glaucoma Curable? World Glaucoma Day | Affinity Health

Compare Affinity Health’s affordable medical insurance options this World Glaucoma Week. Look into regular eye exams to prevent irreversible vision loss and blindness.


What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a broad word referring to many eye illnesses. These eye illnesses cause damage to the optic nerve and can result in visual loss. An accumulation of fluid in the front of the eye causes most cases of glaucoma. This extra fluid puts pressure on the eye, causing gradual optic nerve damage. After cataracts, glaucoma is the second greatest cause of blindness in South Africa.


There is no treatment for glaucoma now. But early detection and treatment can delay permanent vision loss. “If you are at high risk for glaucoma, you ought to consult your doctor. Ask your eye doctor how frequently you should be screened,” says Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Health.


“You can prevent glaucoma from progressing and causing irreversible vision loss or blindness. This is possible when you take adequate care of your eyes and follow your optometrist’s advice.” Glaucoma can afflict people of all races and genders. Yet, the risk increases as one gets older. Diabetics are twice as likely to develop glaucoma.


It is possible to have glaucoma and be unaware of it. Regular eye exams are essential for detecting glaucoma and other eye issues. The risk of glaucoma rises with age. As a result, glaucoma is likely to relate to other age-related disorders. Some of these disorders include macular degeneration, vascular disease, and obstructive sleep apnoea.

Learn More: Glaucoma – Everything You Need to Know

What is the Best Way to Manage or Treat Glaucoma?

You can reach blindness or lose vision faster when glaucoma is not treated. Treatments prevents further vision loss, but it cannot restore lost vision. If you suffer eye pain, severe headaches, or vision issues, you should consult your eye doctor straight once.


In short, the answer is no. The effects of glaucoma cannot be reversed. Yet, the earlier you detect glaucoma, the earlier you can begin treatment. The sooner you receive treatment, the greater your chances of preserving your eyesight. Treatments can reduce the progression of the disease and prevent eyesight loss. Regular eye exams are essential if you are at high risk for glaucoma.


Affinity Health’s Optometry Benefit provides cover for the Members’ optical requirements. Optometry services offered to all Members include eye tests and a standard set of frames with lenses every 24 months. For more information on the click here.

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