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My Affinity Story: Talitha Clarke

My Affinity Story Talitha Clarke

Affinity Health Member, Talitha Clarke, shares her story below! Scroll down to watch the video.

“Hi my name is Talitha and I live in the Western Cape. 

I’m a Customer Service Coordinator for an IT company.

So I really love Affinity, because they’re an affordable, reliable health insurance plan.

I know each year which benefits I have available to me, and also how much I can

spend at each specialist that I need to see.

There are no surprise bills!

With other plans there’s always this thing of according to this regulation or this scheme policy we cannot pay xyz, but not with Affinity, they always give you a proper breakdown before any planned procedure of what they will pay, and then they stick to it which is amazing!

Their customer service is unbelievable. I don’t have to call in and bug them, they call me and they always follow up. I never feel lost or frustrated or which way do I turn now who do I speak to, they always just a phone call away and when I do phone in and when they answer

they’re friendly professional and just really caring.

I’m really happy with Affinity.”


We appreciate all of our members. Thank you Talitha Clarke for sharing your Affinity Health story.

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