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Offering More Than Just a Helping Hand | Affinity Health

It was a bright and sunny Autumn afternoon when eight-year-old Mohau Mashao was having the time of his life. He couldn’t stop laughing as he leapt from a jumping castle. The small child was in his element. He was climbing up and sliding down the castle’s walls. Then suddenly, just as he reached the top, Mohau lost his balance and fell.

What Happens After a Jumping Castle Accident?

In an instant, the Mashao family’s beautiful day descended into a nightmare. They took Mohau to the hospital, where he immediately went into the emergency unit. The good news is that Mohau did not sustain life-threatening injuries. But there was some bad news. Mohau had a severe arm fracture and dislocation and broke several bones in his hand.


The procedure to realign the arm bone was successful. But the doctors warned his parents that they would have to remove the splint once the bone had healed. After healing, Mohau would need lengthy rehabilitation and physiotherapy every week. Physiotherapy would ease the stiffness. Mohau would also need daily massages to help him regain movement in his hand.


Following the initial physiotherapy session, some concerns arose. It was evident that Mohau’s road to recovery would be lengthy and complicated. A child’s arm bones are still growing. So, a fracture at the long bone’s growth plate can impair the growth and development of that bone. Mohau’s arm remained bent, and he could not turn it from palm up to palm down.

“We joined Affinity Health’s Combined family plan in February 2018. We had never required any extra medical cover before Mohau’s accident. My son’s medical fees were exorbitant. Rehab and physiotherapy fees also escalated the bill. All these costs could have landed us in financial trouble,” says Mohau’s mom, Lebogang.


“We were fortunate that Affinity Health covered five physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions. They also covered the hospital bill. All this cover was atop a significant percentage of the doctor’s fees,” adds Mohau’s dad, Motshetela.


“We want to express our gratitude to Affinity Health. They prioritised our son’s medical needs. They addressed our concerns and gave us a fast resolution. The after-sales service was out of this world.”

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What To Do If Your Child Breaks a Bone

Murray Hewlett, the CEO of Affinity Health, says that kids are prone to breaking their bones. Fractures are the fourth most common injury among children. Kids under age six can easily break their bones. Up to 40% of girls and as many as 50% of boys experience a fracture.

They often occur because of a fall or a collision. All broken bones need medical care. After you’ve suspected your child has broken a bone, head straight to the emergency room.


If the break is significant, moving your kid may exacerbate the injury. Contact an emergency response service, such as iER.

iER connects you to a national network of emergency and security personnel that can assist in the event of ANY emergency directly to your location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Get in contact with the following services:

Emergency Management, Tri-Services, Search and Rescue, Hazardous Services, Disaster Relief, Medical Services, Child Protection, Social Services, Public Works, Animal Services, Community Services, Coroner Services and Damage Services.

The FREE iER Mobile App is available to download from Google Play, the Apple App Store and the Huawei App Gallery.

Signs & Symptoms of a Broken Bone

It is possible that what appears to be a sprain or bump happens to be a break. Fractures in children occur because children’s bones are weaker and more pliable than adults’ bones. Thus, they will occasionally bend and crack rather than separate into two pieces. Doctors call this type of break a green-stick fracture.


There might not be much pain or swelling, and your kid may be able to use the injured area at first. If pain persists for more than an hour, it’s best to get the injury checked out just in case.

  • You heard a “snap” or a grinding noise during an injury.
  • You notice your child’s limb is deforming or growing in an unusual shape.
  • There’s swelling, discolouration, or pain.
  • The injured part hurts when moving, touching anything, or bearing weight.

In severe cases, the break is more visible because the broken end of the bone is poking through the skin. The exposed bone is the traumatic outcome of a severe incident, like a fall from a high place.

How to Prevent Fractures in Children

You might not be able to prevent every fracture. But you can make the possibility of a break less likely by following these safety tips:

Use safety gates at bedroom doors and the top and bottom of stairs (for babies or toddlers).

Follow helmet and safety gear rules for:

  • Young athletes
  • Any child riding a bicycle or tricycle
  • Skateboarders
  • Scooter riders
  • Anyone with skating boots and rollerblades.
  • Do not use infant walkers.

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